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Childbirth Educator was founded by Dawn Willoughby in 2018.

This unique course, offered in a supportive, interactive and friendly environment, is for anyone who is pregnant and their partner/birth partner, with the aim of helping them to have an optimal birth experience.

The full course of 3 classes costs £30/person (payable in advance by bank transfer or by cash at the first class). Each class is ideally between 6 - 10 people.

Classes are formulated to encourage the desire for knowledge, for evidence-based information and for reliable resources. The exchange of ideas, exploring options and voicing concerns is of huge benefit in the preparation for birth and beyond, as is the confidence to ask for information from care-givers and make informed choices.

It’s not just about the kind of birth you have - (be it home, water, hospital, emergency caesarean or any variation thereof), it’s that you feel prepared, loved, cared for and that you are listened to.


Dawn also offers “tailored to suit” classes on request, such as:

One-off breastfeeding information classes.

Couples classes to discuss help and support after the baby is born.

Small informal chats with dads-to-be and new dads, whether living with the baby or not. Birth is about dads as well and it is so important that they get information and support when needed.

(Pricing structure on application)


"The power of a birth plan isn’t the actual plan, it is the process of becoming educated about your options"

(2LifeDoula 2018)

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Dawn Willoughby


Dawn is a mother and grandmother who is passionate about women’s health in general and preparation for birth and beyond in particular. After being a voluntary breastfeeding supporter for many years and listening to birth stories, she developed an interest in childbirth education. In order to facilitate this, she left her full-time job at the Children’s Hospital in Oxford to study for a Diploma in Childbirth Education. Dawn also received certification as a breastfeeding counsellor, took a course on Maternity Care – Building relationships, with Griffith University, Australia and has recently gained advanced certification in breech presentation and breastfeeding in special circumstances.

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